Ch ch ch ch changes!

So there are lots of good things going on around here at the Hembree house…okay, understandment of the year.  Lots of LIFE CHANGING things going on!   We are excited to announce baby Hembree, who will arrive May 7th, 2009!  It’s a time in my life of joy, elation, amazement, wonder and slight morning sickness.  =)  Back in May we started praying about growing our … Continue reading Ch ch ch ch changes!

Lindsey Shea Photography

I had to make this a separate post.  Nate and I snuck away with our amazing photographer, Lindsey Shea, after our family session with her and took some pics alone.  We have both changed dramatically since our wedding and needed some updated pictures.  Let me show you us 2 1/2 years ago: And now: Thanks Lindsey for capturing a moment in our marriage!  Continue reading Lindsey Shea Photography