Newborn session

There aren’t words to describe how much I love being a mommy.  The cuddles, the kisses.  Soothing my boy after he’s been crying.  Looking into his eyes and hoping he knows just how loved he truly is.  The list could go on and on.  I was telling my friend the other day that all the trite things you worry about in pregnancy are simply that, trite.  I would have taken a thousand stretch marks if it meant getting to hold my little boy for a day.  I laugh that I worried about how I was going to get to the pool this summer when now I realize I haven’t been outside for a full week.  I’d much rather soak up each precious coo of my little one.  Can you tell that I’m in love? 

Ashlee came and captured a few moments of our new life with Levi when he was just 5 days old.  He’s changed so much already since he was born!  Thank you Ashlee for sharing your talent and beautiful gift with our family.  We will be forever grateful!












7 thoughts on “Newborn session

  1. Jen and Nate – Little Levi is so precious. We are so happy for you both and love that the Lord called the two of you to be parents! Levi is truly blessed with great parents and rolemodels. Take care ~ Catherine and Monty

  2. Oh Jen! he is absolutely precious! I can’t wait to meet him!!! Let us know when we can come by & I will come over 🙂

    Btw, I did the gooey butter cake this weekend & it didn’t come out as rich as yours. Do you have a different recipe you used? I used the Paula Deen recipe but it wasn’t as good as yours.. I mean it was ok, but not as rich 😛

  3. He is so, so, so beautiful! Ohh, I cannot wait to experience being a new mom! Only 148 days to go, and we find out if our baby is a girl or boy Wednesday morning. I am overjoyed for you and cannot wait to hear all about life with Levi! Love to you all!

  4. It is truly majical isn’t it! Can you believe you made him?! I still sit and just hold Turner all day long, looking at her in absolute amazement.
    Take care,

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