The birth of Levi Patrick Hembree

Levi Patrick Hembree – Named after my Grandma, Patricia, whom we love dearly! For months I had researched, planned, discussed and anticipated the birth of our son, Levi.  Nothing could have prepared me for the rawness, intensity and above all pure beauty of labor.  Friday, May 1st, I woke up with contractions that were 7-8 minutes apart and I was excited to get things rolling.  I … Continue reading The birth of Levi Patrick Hembree

The perks of being 27

My 27th birthday was simply wonderful.  It will be one to certainly remember!  Here is a recap of the day in pictures… The baby bump has arrived!  A surprise birthday party thrown by my AMAZING friend and teammate Kelley who made me wear the crown and sash as pictured above.  I was showered with flowers, chocolates, handmade gifts and even a special dance from Jafeth who … Continue reading The perks of being 27

Thank you for being a friend!

As all know, our beloved Sophia Petrillo from the Golden Girls has passed.  I’ve loved the Golden Girls since high school, but remember watching at young age with my friend’s Ya-Ya right after “SuperMarket Sweep” (Remember that one?)  Good thing the jokes went over my head back then or I probably would have had a few trips to the principals office… To honor the great … Continue reading Thank you for being a friend!

An update to come…

I just got back from Northern California last night and am so excited to share pictures, stories and adventures from my trip.  I’ll give you a few words to describe what I experienced to hopefully whet your appetite… San Francisco.  Trolleys.  Clam chowder.  Alcatrez.  Golden Gate bridge.  Boat ride.  Frida Kahlo art exhibit.  Gay club.  Dancing.  Redwood national Park.  MONSTROUS trees.  Bears.  Mountains.  Fog.  At … Continue reading An update to come…