Songs you forgot you loved

Music has one of those qualities to bring you back to different times in your life.  I’m reminded of junior high and the first time I heard Mr. Jones.  My friend Miriam had her 13th birthday party at her house and all the girls went down to the basement to get more waterballoons.  We heard this music BLARING and belting coming from the basement shower.  … Continue reading Songs you forgot you loved

Monday video

You’re in for a treat.  Really, you are.  What better way to start your week than with “Journey”?  The question isn’t rhetorical, it’s just a fact of life even babies know.   Well, the cool ones at least.  Journey is also known for their riviting music videos.  Check out the video here. I especially love the bear clawing/air-piano at :55 Let’s just say that I’ll be basking … Continue reading Monday video