The birth of Levi Patrick Hembree

Levi Patrick Hembree – Named after my Grandma, Patricia, whom we love dearly! For months I had researched, planned, discussed and anticipated the birth of our son, Levi.  Nothing could have prepared me for the rawness, intensity and above all pure beauty of labor.  Friday, May 1st, I woke up with contractions that were 7-8 minutes apart and I was excited to get things rolling.  I … Continue reading The birth of Levi Patrick Hembree

More maternity portraits

Aapparantly we just can’t get enough of Baby H!   Ashlee Cabrera an aspiring photographer took some awesome photos for us this past weekend and we are forever grateful.  Take a look below and then check out her website.  You won’t be disappointed!  I have to give a shoutout to our friend, Emron, who has his own denim company, Prospect Denim, and gave me the fabulous jeans I’m wearing … Continue reading More maternity portraits

50 days

50 days to go and it feels like forever and like it’s coming too soon!  My list of things to do is mainly for me, but I thought you might enjoy seeing the madness going on inside my brain at 1am. 1.  Wash bedding…my dear friend Niccole is washing the rest of baby boys clothes.  Thank you Niccole!!!! 2.  Find a rocker/glider that’s not ugly, … Continue reading 50 days